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7 Sunscreen Excuses Even Smart Women Make

Posted on 29 October 2016

Despite the fact that women know they should wear sunscreen every day of the year, less than 30% of us do on a regular basis. So what gives? If we all know that sunscreen helps to protect our skin from cancer and prevent signs of aging such as age spots and wrinkles, why aren't more of us using it? 

7 Sunscreen Excuses Even Smart Women Make by Honeybell Waterwear

Here are some terrible, but common, excuses I never want you to personally use. Never ever. 

Excuse 1: The sunscreen I wanted was so expensive.

There's no need to break the bank when buying sunscreen. There is no correlation between price and protection. Go to the supermarket and buy a broad spectrum sunscreen that clearly states it blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Excuse 2: It's so greasy I hate putting it on and it ruins my makeup.

There are so many different types out there - try a mist or spray sunscreen. Generally speaking, ingredients including zinc formulations have a lighter, less tacky feel.
Apply your sunscreen and leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes. Once absorbed you should have no trouble applying makeup over the top of sunscreen.  Or, if you’re really in a hurry, buy a makeup with built-in SPF (although, see excuse 3 below, make sure you apply enough makeup if you are relying on this).

Excuse 3: My cosmetics already have SPF

Some makeup contains SPF, but most people don't wear enough foundation, eye shadow, or lipstick to offer complete skin protection – plus most cosmetics don’t contain sufficient SPF. “The majority of makeup products have SPF15. That’s not enough for adequate protection,” says Dr. Freiman. “And when people put makeup on, they put it on the face so it doesn’t address the rest of the body.”  

Excuse 4: I’m too busy, I forget.

Yeah, I get it, we all have a lot to do. But wearing sunscreen is kind of important.  It's up there with wearing underwear.  So make an effort to make it part of your daily ritual.

Excuse 5: The chemicals in sunscreen are probably more dangerous than sun exposure.

No scientific studies exist that prove a link between sunscreen ingredients and health concerns, however, there are studies that show that unprotected skin can develop cancer. 
Do not rely on blog posts written by ‘experts’ found by Dr Google to make important health decisions. Heck, you should even be questioning me!  When in doubt, ask your doctor.

Excuse 6: I look good ‘sun-kissed’.

You may think you look healthier with a tan but once you understand what is happening to your skin, you will think again. Having sun-kissed skin is having skin cells in trauma. One damaged skin cell can start a melanoma.
As a side note: remember that saggy, leathery tanned skin you saw on the 70-year-old (age hard to tell, she was probably only 40 years old) women at the beach last year? Did she look young and attractive? No, no, no. Your future self will be most disappointed in your current sun-kissed self – if you don’t trust me, ask your grandmother!

Excuse 7: I don’t burn, so I don’t need sunscreen.

This is the skin equivalent of 'I've never had a car crash, so I don't need a seatbelt'. Why tempt fate? How can I get you to overcome the “this will not happen to me” mentality?
Whether you can see your skin burning or not, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays does cause damage to your skin. No matter what your natural skin colour, no one is exempt.


No more excuses ladies.
Protect your skin. Love your skin.
Look after your beautiful selves.

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