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Beach Accessory Trends | 2017

Posted on 20 December 2016

Over the past month I’ve been bombarding you with information about how to enjoy the sun safely. Today I’m focusing on something a little more fun to get us all in a sunny mood - because I personally can’t wait for a lovely relaxed Christmas break with fun-filled days by the beach, celebrating the festive season with family, and celebrating my little sister’s wedding too! 

Even though the heat can be stifling in the summer, it's not wise to take off all your clothes. Besides, that wouldn't make for effective accessorising!  What good is an accessory if you don't have a solid foundation to start with?  Here’s your cheat sheet to accessorising during beach days this summer…

Honeybell Waterwear accessorising beach days

One-Piece Swimsuit

The bikini's long run as the most popular swimwear has come to an end! Yay – I’m totally on board with the one-piece!! If you’re after sexy, I’m totally in love with the lace luxe one-piece from Aqua Blu. If you’re after practical, I’d pick the 6-way tie up from Capriosca.

White sneakers

I’m beyond pleased to announce that the sneaker trend isn't going anywhere. The fresh white kicks look goes with everything from dresses to jeans. And whilst I personally love my Vans, you can just as easily pick up a $6 pair at K-mart!

Bright Bags

Even if you’re not usually the type to reach for colour (hello, head-to-toe black Melbourne dressers!), this is the year to splash out on a bright and bold bag. Be it blue, pink, yellow, or green – my advice, keep it solid!

Sun Protection Clothing

When chosen and used correctly, sun protective clothing is that best form of sun protection you can find. Here at Honeybell Waterwear, we've given aesthetic design is given the same level of importance as functional design - so you've now got on-trend sun-safe options! bye-bye fluro tight fitting rashies!

Round towels

Yes, whilst they might be a nightmare folding neatly away in your wardrobe, round towels can be found everywhere now! This worldwide craze all started with The Beach People, 2 Aussie sisters who had a simple idea to create a round beach towel – and the latest collection from The Beach People defines luxe seaside.


Mirrored lenses, cat-eyes and tortoiseshell styles are all hits for summer. I love the "Jenna" from Topheads Eyewear that perfectly incorporates the timeless cat eye frame with a modern flare. These shades are not only aesthetically pleasing but ethical - made from recycled materials including wood and cotton based acetate. A cult classic perfect addition to any outfit from the beach to bar.

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