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The best summer accessories

Posted on 25 January 2017

Yeah, I know this summer heat can be stifling, but it is not wise to take off all your clothes. Not only would you be putting yourself at risk of skin cancer, but it also wouldn't make for effective accessorising!  And what good is an accessory if you don't have a solid foundation to start with? 

Fashionable Rashies with UPF50+ sun protection by Honeybell Waterwear

This summer, cover up and use your smarts to select the best summer accessories. Here are my top tips to accessorise with style, so you can stay cool in this heat:

1. Start with a healthy glow.
Personally, I embrace the paste! But if you’re not so inclined, just remember, there is no such thing as a safe tan – whether from the sun or a solarium. But you can fake a bronzed glow with a spray tan!
2. Slather on the sunscreen.
Don't head out the door without it! Up to 90% of the visible signs of ageing, including wrinkles, are caused by sun exposure - so yes, sunscreen should be your must-have beauty product... with waterproof mascara being a close second ;)
3. Add some basic wardrobe essentials
Standard summer fabrics, like cotton, typically have a UPF 5 rating. Regular t-shirts do not provide adequate sun protection.  You need to do more than ‘slipping’ on a cotton t-shirt, kaftan or tunic – but never fear, we’ve got you covered with our swim tees and sun dresses to take you from sand to sidewalk!
4. Add extra protection.
Hats and sunglasses make perfect additions to any outfit, from the beach to bar – but more important than just their good looks, they also protect your face and eyes from UV damage too. The sensitive skin on your face is more prone to wrinkling from the damage caused by sun exposure – so choose wisely!

 Fashionable Rashies with UPF50+ sun protection by Honeybell Waterwear

The best summer accessories are the ones that keep you both healthy and stylish.  At Honeybell Waterwear we truly believe that you can look chic, feel great about yourself and be protected from the sun too! 

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