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Can the SPF Diet provide me with adequate sun protection?

Posted on 27 October 2016

I googled ‘diet for sun protection’. A gazillion articles pop up, some from very reputable brands: Readers Digest, Huffington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, to name a few. So I looked into it…

I’m skeptical. In no way do I think that my diet can provide me with adequate sun protection. But none of these ‘cancer fighting’ foods are going to do me any harm. So I’m giving it a go.  You never know right?  Here is what the ‘experts’ are telling us to eat…

Citrus fruit…

 Honeybell Waterwear Blog Post Image Citrus Fruit

I’m a #honeybellgirl, this one had to come first in the list!

The limonene in citrus fruits may reduce the risk of skin cancer. The high levels of vitamin sea C are may also reduce sunburn caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and prevent the consequences of long-term sun exposure, which can lead to skin cancer. 

Just be careful not to dribble when eating… Citrus juices combined with sun exposure can result in skin discoloration!



Kiwi fruit or Papaya or yellow capsicum…


Honeybell Waterwear Blog Post Image - Citrus Fruit


Or any other vitamin C rich foods. 

There seems to be mixed opinion in the online community about which fruit packs more vitamin C than any other fruit. Suffice to say, I think all vitamin C-rich foods will do the trick.


Dark chocolate…

Honeybell Waterwear Blog Post Image - Dark Chocolate
Now, no one needs to tell me to eat chocolate. I’ve go this one covered all by myself.

It’s the antioxidants in chocolate that are doing the hard yards here for us.

Tip: not a great food to pack in your beach bag. Melting chocolate is hazardous. Best to stash away your chocolate and bring out when the kids are sleeping.



















 Honeybell Waterwear Blog Post Image - Watermelon

Yup, eating red (or more specifically, the antioxidant lycopene) can help you from turning red (allegedly)!  I love that watermelon made the list, it’s the quintessential summer fruit.

The only downfall, you might have to eat about three cups of watermelon for it to be effective. I’m not sure I’ve ever eating this much watermelon in one sitting before. Always up for a challenge!


I could go on all day listing delicious healthy foods here. Honestly, every fruit and vegetable out there has health benefits. Perhaps my time will be better spent listing what not to eat…  ie processed foods and high levels sugar.

With love,


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