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My 3 ‘secrets’ to reversing sun damage

Posted on 29 August 2016

Remember the days when you were stoked that you didn’t get carded at the bottle shop?  Not long after those days come the days when being carded is a compliment. Now at 37 years old, being mistaken for a teenager is out of the question, instead ensuring I have the best possible skin I can have is my goal.

Being raised by my father, there was not a lot of beauty products at home growing up, nor was there the budget. But as a young teenager full of insecurities, looking for womanly advice, comfort and role models, I vividly remember a family friend (who I thought was oh-so glamorous) giving me some sound beauty advice that I have always followed, even today.  Her simple advice was...

don’t shave your legs. Ever*+.

….and (more to the point)

use moisturizer on your face every day.

Looking back, that women, who I thought was an old lady, was probably my age now… or younger! 

*I have shaved my legs once, it was an emergency, I was in a foreign city and needed to attend a wedding.

+ For the record I either wax or Epilady. I’m not confident enough to go en natural.


So, other than using moisturizer on my face every day, how do I keep my skin looking and feeling great?  

I’ll share the secret with you: given that 90% of the visible signs of ageing are caused by sun damage, having the best possible skin comes down to… 

reducing sun damage!

I understand that this advice is not as sexy as you had hoped, and certainly not very profound – but it is effective nevertheless. 

And I promise, if you follow my simple top 3 skin ‘secrets’ you too can repair and even reverse signs of ageing.

So, here you have it… 

1. Use sunscreen:

The key here is to do use sunscreen every day. All year around. Even if you are sitting in an office all day.  And there is no better time to start this routine than now. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your easily forgotten bits: lips, feet and hands often miss out!

2. Eat well and hydrate:

Eat a healthy diet, rich in antioxidants (grapes, berries, nuts, green veggies, etc). You’ll read other beauty blogs that encourage you to apply antioxidant enriched creams and serums –and it’s probably sound advice, but in all honestly, I don’t because of time, money and laziness (not necessarily always in that order). 

If you think advice to essential ‘eat healthy’ is too general, then stop reading now, because the next tip is really going to make your eyes roll.


3. Cover up: 

There is one thing that everyone agrees on, sun damage is the one number cause of environmental ageing. With 90% of visible ageing coming from sun exposure, not the number of candles on your next birthday cake. So let’s say goodbye to pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity, loss of skin texture and skin yellowing and cover up. Wear a hat, sit in the shade and wear fashionable sun protection clothing (yep, this blog is unapologetically biased – you should have known I’d throw that right hook in at the end for you).


You could also try laser treatments, photodynamic theory, chemical peels, bleaching cream, facial fillers, hydroquinone, intense pulsed light, or topical antioxidants – but before you splash out on expensive treatments, why don’t you book yourself in for an appointment with a qualified dermatologist and follow an expert’s advice tailored for you.


In the meantime, sun protection clothing.  Just saying! 😀

With love,


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