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Shine Bright With These 5 Sunshine Life Hacks

Posted on 05 September 2016

5 Sunny Life Hacks

No, this is not another blog on the 101 benefits of coconut oil. If you want to read about coconut oil, Goggle it, trust me there are millions of great and not-so-great tips out there.

I admit to using coconut oil in cooking. Great for baking and Sarah Wilson’s choc protein balls, but didn’t leave a great aftertaste on my chicken schnitzel, let me tell you.  I have not however used it for the many many other things that people are suggesting I could: a coffee creamer, a deodorant, eye make up remover, nappy cream, to kill yeast infections (say what?!), to combat frizzy hair, eczema relief, and definitely not as an all natural sunscreen (that s**t is too important to be messing about with in my book). 

I read through blog after blog about all the wonderful things coconut oil promises – but I just don’t give it a go because – well, I’m time poor. It’s just easier using my store bought, tried and tested body moisturiser that I’ve religiously slathered on for the past decade and a deodorant that I know works.  I’ve got 2 small kids. I don’t got no time to be concocting homemade beauty essentials.

As popular as coconut oil is, there is an even more powerful, versatile, totally reliable and free resource out there...

☀️ Sunshine! ☀️

Life hacks related to sunshine.

Well, I’m here to start a whole new sunshine life hack craze.

Here it is ladies, my top 5 life hacks to get you outside enjoying the sunshine today:

1. Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Yes, sunshine makes us happy as it boosts our serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ levels.  Conversely a chronic lack of sunshine can cause general poor health, anxiety, sadness, fatigue and hopelessness.

    2. Stress Relief

    Stress is an inevitable fact of life. However, you can fight it naturally: simply step outside on a sunny day. Yes, those lovely rays of light will help you feel calm and focused and ready to take on life!
    Whilst we’re on the topic of stress, I highly recommend this Ted Talk on the link between stress and wellbeing.

    3. Sleep

    I admit, I personally don’t have any issues collapsing into an almost immediate slumber after a full day of child raising, however if you’re laying in bed at night unable to find sleep, then please go out and enjoy some sunshine!

    You can read more about sleep and sunshine here.

    4. Vitamin D

    I’ve said it before, vitamin D is super duper important, especially for women because it helps absorb calcium. It also is said to decrease you risk against a whole host of other diseases, including some cancers, and immune diseases.

    5. Heart disease

    As dermatologist Richard Weller, so eloquently puts in: Vitamin D is not the only story in town. Sunshine exposure is good for blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. You can hear all about it from Weller himself here.


    So, there you have it, my 5 super sunny reasons you should turn sunshine life hacking into a contagious craze.

    Here’s an action item for everyone to get started:  if you’re not doing so already, work in a daily walk outside into your routine. This will give you a double whammy of those happy hormones – sunshine and exercise.

    With love,

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