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Why I shop small

Posted on 24 November 2016

Honeybell Waterwear Shop Small

Think Big. Shop Small.

Did you know that 97 percent of all businesses in Australia are small businesses?  You don’t need to have an economics degree to understand that the contribution small businesses make to Australia’s economy is significant – and in recognition and support of this I #ShopSmallAU and want you to as well!

"Small business owners don’t just form the backbone of the Australian economy; they embody the idea of what it means to be an Australian. Entrepreneurship, having a go, making a life on our own terms, building a livelihood for our loved ones, helping others and fighting on when things get tough." 
The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Minister for Small Business

What is Shop Small?

Shop Small is a nationwide movement that brings together support from the business community, governments and consumers to support small businesses.

Yes, Shop Small was founded by American Express in 2010 – but you don’t need an AMEX to support the movement which is officially supported by the Council of Small Business of Australia, Accommodation Association of Australia, Restaurant and Catering Association, Retail Council and Inside Retail.

In Australia, Shop Small began on 31 October 2016 and runs through the entire month of November. In the US, however, the celebrate the movement of one particular day, Saturday 26 November (the first Saturday after Thanksgiving).

Your small purchase makes a big difference

A For every $100 spend at local small businesses, $68 returns to the community.
Source: Civic Economics – Andersonville Study of Retail Economics.


By supporting my small business, you are helping me support countless other individuals pursue their own ambitions, develop their own careers and pay the bills. 

Throughout my entire journey, I have only employed or contracted with women-owned and operated Australian small businesses. This includes employing... fashion designs, graphic designers, manufacturing agents, pattern makers, pattern graders, photographers, makeup artists, brand strategists, stylists, women owned and operated modelling agencies and studios. 


This has not been by chance - working with and promoting women-owned and operated Australian small businesses forms part of my 'why'.  So much so, as a member of the UN Women National Committee Australia, Honeybell Waterwear is proud to donate 10% of profits to UN Women.

Revolt against Black Friday

Yes, I know that your emails and social newsfeeds will be filled with Black Friday specials from large retail chains – offering deep discounts that Australian small business owners cannot complete with. However, I implore you to think about how you are spending your money this weekend and when making a decision to buy something, ask yourself ‘Can I buy this at a small business?’


With love,


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